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Shipping & returns

• All the transaction is through digital payment gateway i.e cashless. Once an order is placed it can not be cancelled.

• The Marketplace has a return policy which entitles all users who have purchased a product on the Marketplace to return the product on delivery if they are not satisfied with the quality of the product.

• Return Policy: If you want to return a product, it has to be returned in the original condition/packing as on delivery. This matter to be resolved between you and vendor in case any quality issue. We are never be part of it in any way. 

• In case any non delivery and quality issue, that has to be settled between you and vendor. It is not part of us.

• In case you want refund against non-delivery or rejection of material on delivery. This matter will be resolved between you and vendor. We will not be part of it in any way.

• In case shop is closed for some period i.e even 24 hours of order placing, please contact with Vendors. 

• In case of any assistance please mail us to

• In case any email received from user through email/whats app after 24 hours of order placing aagainst purchase related issue that is not be possible to attend. It will be simply ignored.

• has the right to change this policy with out any prior intimation and notice. You are requested to check periodically the same.

• In case vendor provide any false information about product & services in terms of price/quality/availability in buyforhomes web/app and you procured. The concern vendor will be responsible for the same. Matter has to be settled between you and vendor. We will not be part of it.